Bad Choices Make Good Stories

Reading is Inhaling, Writing is Exhaling.


Is what we see an objective view of actually what is there in front of us or is what we see a projection that is created by our own consciousness of what we perceive to be there?

Many Minds Operating as One

The 2017 General Election was a really strong reminder of a phenomenon that sprang into my mind first during the 2007-08 recession…

Are We Ill or Not?

The process of diagnosing mental illness is generally finding the way in which the sufferer has deviated from what is considered to be normal behaviour…

Soul Music

Do we have a soul?  An internal essence that makes us who we are?  A single self that contains all of our morals, ethics and personality…

“What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” – Christopher Hitchens

I like to share notions and images with the rest of the world (whether they like it or not).

This exhibition is an occasionally evolving smorgasbord of concepts and landscapes that I feel merit further exploration, discussion or exposure.

Exposure & F-Stops

Prints and Downloads available soon. Maybe…